Water Star Services
WSI can assist from concept to commercial- ization for your electro- chemical system. We have developed "mini" to full scale systems.
Electrode Supply
We manufacture precious metal coated titanium anodes, fabricated components and gas diffusion electrodes for metal/air batteries and generation of hydrogen peroxide.
Water Disinfection
WSI is developing an array of water disinfection products utilizing the power of hydrogen peroxide.
Technology Licensing
Patented applications for hydrogen peroxide are available for license or joint venture.

Welcome from Water Star Inc.



Water Star Inc. is a technology driven company specializing in providing consulting and electrodes for electrochemical systems with decades of specialized experience in this area.  We manufacture precious metal coated  titanium anodes (MMO  - Mixed Metal Oxide / DSA) for a variety of applications including swimming pools, plating, electrodialysis, metal recovery, oxygen / hydrogen generation (Brown's gas -- HHO), Cathodic Protection (CP), and on-site chlorine production.  We also manufacture gas diffusion electrodes for metal-air batteries and electrolytic production of hydrogen peroxide.  If your application requires specialized consulting and prototype development, we have an extensive background to help you be successful.  There are many patented applications, especially in the area of electrolytic hydrogen peroxide that are available for licensing or joint development.

Water Star Inc. has commitment to protecting the environment and our manufacturing facilities exceed all EPA operating and discharge requirements.









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