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Designing groundbreaking advances in electrochemistry

Water Star Inc. designs and builds products that empower our clients to make our world as clean as possible. As a regular source of groundbreaking advances in electrochemistry, we further both the technology and science of our industry. We are especially proud of our patented applications in the areas of dissolved oxygen systems, ozone generation, peroxide production and electrolytic hydrogen. Water Star is a part of Tennant Company, a recognized leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative solutions and services that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world.

Full-service manufacturer and developer of Superior™ Anodes, Cathodes and Electrochemical Cells

Water Star is a global full-service company that innovates, develops, and manufactures an array of Superior™ Anodes precious metal coated titanium anodes, catalyzed media, cells, cathodes and assemblies. We also provide fabricated structures and precious metal coatings of titanium mesh, sheets and structures. Our unique capabilities and combination of technologies make us an exceptional, industry-leading partner for your company.

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Dedicated technical team for customer support

Water Star’s mission is to continuously achieve breakthroughs in electrochemistry that advance science and drive innovation. Water Star has heavily invested in technology in order to provide extensive system and product design support to control coating processes and application-specific electrodes. Working with you and your needs, we catalyze growth through consultation and technological support. Water Star’s dedicated technical team takes pride in supplying custom-built solutions with a timely turnaround, highly individualized customer service and affordable pricing.

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